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ABOUT “Story”

A smiley duo of designer printmakers based in a stunning location in the Scottish Borders and working from two converted stable blocks. The pair make an interesting combination which is evident in their creations.  

Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode met in 2008 when Mrs Orwell taught Mrs Goode how to silk screen print. They became great friends and while on holiday in Ireland together late 2010, they had the idea for 'Orwell and Goode'. Liking how it sounded like "all well and good"!
With only a few months to create everything they launched at their first trade show in April 2011, Orwell and Goode has grown from strength to strength ever since. But there has been a little more to the story they had been keeping a secret for the first two years of business, Mrs. Goode was also in the Royal Air Force working as a mechanical engineer on Tornado aircraft in Lossiemouth, Moray . Both ladies were working the business every spare hour they had. During these first difficult 2yrs, they still managed to double the size of the company, Mrs.Orwell had her first baby and Mrs.Goode served a 4mth tour in Afghanistan (overlapping the birth of little Hamish!).

Roll on to 2013, Mrs.G completed her 12yr contract and rejected an offer of a further 10yrs to work with OAG full time instead, Mrs.O had her second child (Giles), they took on two members of staff and interns, launched 3 new collections, 5 new additional products, won an award at Top Drawer for 'Best New Product' and  doubled the growth of the company again!

2014; Mrs.G moved house to the Borders to work in the main office alongside the studio every day, the 5hr commute was getting too difficult. OAG now have over 80 stockists in the UK and Europe and plan to extend their collections to furnishing fabric, wallpaper, window blinds and more in Autumn 2014, launching everything at Home trade show Olympia.

Together along with their very talented team they design, hand print and make their many ideas into the most beautiful of creations for living, loving and giving.

Fun Facts about Mrs O & Mrs G!

Mrs Orwell lives among rolling hills of the Scottish Borders,
Mrs Goode now also lives in the Scottish Borders,
Mrs Orwell has three dogs,
Mrs Goode has none.
Mrs Orwell likes to train guide dog puppies,
Mrs Goode like to train her partner to fetch (a cup of tea!).
Mrs Orwell likes colours and patterns,
Mrs Goode likes silhouettes and animals. (not spiders-ech!)
Mrs Orwell likes to make sweet things and
Mrs Goode like to eat sweet things.
Mrs Orwell knows about timing belts and tyre changing and
Mrs Goode knows about aircraft hydraulics and riveting. (Really they do!)
Mrs Orwell makes a very poor house-wife as she is a slow vac. (She is from Slovakia! She doesn’t laugh at this joke, EVER!)
Mrs Goode enjoys a good Guinness. (Guess where she is from?)
Mrs Orwell has a slight accent,
Mrs Goode has a slightly better accent! 
When Mrs Orwell and Mrs Goode are together, everything is funny!

Together they make beautiful things for living, dining and giving. They like to make the usual a little unusual, make the ordinary, extraordinary! And together they make everything ‘all well and good!'.